Collaborative 'SEED Story' Project

What a wonderful opportunity to work with 8 regional schools & the Albury Library/Museum.

Over a number of visits we worked together to build 'branches' & compile a story with 1 'seed', 5 adventures & 9 different conclusions.

I worked with the g3 - 6 building the story & the P - 2's drawing the pictures.

An enormous pile of work was then handed over to Dave Jones, renowned 'animation magician', to turn the kids story into a completely animated short film. What a fantastic experience. Thanks everyone.

Funded by ARTS NSW. ConnectEd Arts Outreach Project.

Ref: Write Around The Murray Festival

'Zachary Smitch & the Photograph'

                                              ... ZACHARY SMITCH & THE PHOTOGRAPH has begun ...

1 'Seed' (introduction) ..   .. Lowesdale PS ..

5 Adventures from ..        .. Table Top PS (3 groups) .. Walla Walla PS (2 groups)

9 Conclusions by ..         .. Gerogery PS (1 group) .. Mullengandra PS (2 groups) .. Brocklesby PS (2 groups)                                                               .. Walbundrie PS (2 groups) .. Burrumbuttock PS (2 groups) 

Lowesdale PS

A wonderful example of a small country school with an abundance of enthusiasm and imagination.

With only 11 students they certainly had their work cut-out for them. However, they rose to the challenge and have provided a solid foundation for the project to evolve from.

They’ve done an excellent job of ‘setting the scene’ and have also chosen the title.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome and a wonderful couple of days ... the Collaborative Seeds Project is off to a great start.

See you all again soon ... 

​happy reading ... Susan. 

Walla Walla PS

Thanks for a great couple of days. With your part of the adventure now completed I'm really curious to see just how the last 5 schools finish the story.

Each team worked enthusiastically and really got on with the task at hand.

K/1/2/3 .. we had lots of fun learning how to make our cartoon characters walk and talk, along with some great drawings for the story.

It's been heaps of fun working with you all.

Big thanks to the teachers for all of their help. 

Table Top PS

Lots of ideas leaping about, from the totally crazy to exciting and funny adventures.

​Can't wait to see what the conclusions will be.

I had a great two days with all grades and once again a lovely group students and teachers.

Thanks for having me and I'll see you at WATM.

Happy reading. 

Gerogery PS

Gerogery got straight into the task at hand and produced a terrific conclusion, pictures and story, for their part of the adventure.

These students will go far I'm sure.

Every single kid was a pleasure to work with ... really.

Thanks for a great day Gerogery.

​Hope to visit you again 

Mullengandra PS

Another adventure is complete! Well done guys.

I had a great time working with all of you, there's certainly a lot of talent in that little school.

You have a top school and hopefully I'll get out to visit again one day.

For now, happy reading and all the best for the future.


Burrumbuttock PS

Another beautiful school with terrific kids and teachers.

Thanks for all your hard work and making me feel so welcome.

Hope you had some fun too. Hope to see you again.

All the best, Susan 

Brocklesby PS

Thanks for all of your hard work and constant enthusiasm guys.

Hope you had some fun too. It was great working with you.

All the best and hopefully see you all again.

Happy reading


Walbundrie PS

Well done everyone. You've done a fantastic job providing another 2 conclusions.

Thanks heaps for some fun days.

Happy reading and writing


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