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Hi everyone ... I've been getting emails thick & fast asking for dates etc.The moment I know I'll post here right away.A few of you have asked about 'BUBBLEZ' we've actually decided to do 'STUFF'D' or 'SPEW'D' next, so sorry to disappoint but I reckon you'll be happy, these 2 are reeeeeally gross!. And hoping to be out soon.
So heaps of good gross, snot & poop still flowing.Hope you're all doing well ...Happy ReadingSeeya,Susan -​Oops I forgot - you can also Register on the Book Shop page as well & I'll send out an email when the new book/s are on the way. :) 

'Fluff Butt's Disastrous Day'

Fluff Butt is having the worst day of his life. With bombarding bees, lazy lizards and a garden full of trouble that sees Fluff Butt having to zoom off to the vet again and again. He'll need patching from ​head to toe before the day is out. 

Freaky Series - FREAKIER series - 

or Stuff'd?

Sam’s mum decides they need to take a little family week away … in a caravan … just the three of them. No tv, no computer and no games. Just so that they can spend the entire time chatting with each other. Every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day … all day and all night ... together. Wouldn’t that be great … not! So together Sam and Jared  have formed a plan. If it works this could be the best week of their lives, if it doesn’t … Sam’s brain was very likely to explode like a giant zit being squeezed. 

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