Beware the Agapanthus Launch

Fluff Butt Fluffed & Booga Blast are away ...

book expo' sydney

"Thanks everyone that came to say Hi! I had a great couple of days.And to all my new readers .. Happy Reading!" 

SUCK'D Launch

Thanks Lavington East PS for coming along to help me launch no:6 Suck'd.
Really glad you enjoyed it and had fun, me too.
And to all the staff at Lavington Library .. thanks for all your contined support .. always appreciated.
Now to work on no:7
All the bestSusan 

book expo - sydney olympic stadium

1st Australian Book Expo' ...
What a huge weekend!Made sooo many wonderful connections and new friends.Roll-on 2015!! 

Portland Observer

Thanks Bundarra PS .. you guys were great fun.
I love how many budding authors are out there.
Happy reading ..Susan 

CHOMP'D is Here

Yay! CHOMP'D .. No:5 in the FREAKY Series was launched 5th Sept' 2013.
Thanks to everyone at the library for all their help and support to make it a huge success.
And a humongous "Thankyou" to Lavington East Primary School for coming along and making it so special ... and of course for their laughter in all the right places .. it was heaps of fun.
Enjoy being 'Chomp'd' guys!!See you soon.Susan
Border Mail 6th Sept' 2013 
​Wow .. thanks everyone for laughing in just the right places.
'Bald Hairy Pit Guy', 'Bashing Granny', 'Vomit Lap Lady' and all the others seemed to hit the spot, which is great.
It was heaps of fun .. now off to work on SUCK'D!
Happy reading! 

Collaborative 'SEED Story' Project 

Funded by ARTS NSW. ConnectEd Arts Outreach Project.In conjunction with the: Write Around The Murray Festival 

Collaborative Schools Project


​As co-ordinating author for this project I've been out and about visiting the eight schools involved and it's been heaps of fun. Everyone was so enthusiastic, which was wonderful to see. The gr4/5/6 providing the words and the K/1/2/3/ providing the drawings. Then when it was all said and done Dave Jones has animated the kids pictures together with the narration. The final project was unveiled for the very first time at the WATM launch. Lowesdale kicked off with a great 'seed' and Table Top & Walla Walla developed some crazy adventures.  Read more & see the kids hard at work in 'Seed Story' ..... 

Border Mail

Write Around the Murray Festival

​Wow!! I've had a ball reading your stories for the Nano Story Competition. (Primary school  age) You guys have the best imaginations. Keep writing & happy reading.SusanCheck out the winners from this year and past years on my 'Media/Events' page & congratulations to every one of you for a great story. 

Elyne Mitchell Rural Writing Awards

​Thankyou so much to the the Friends of the Corryong Library and everyone involved for the privilege of Guest speaking at your annual awards night. It was wonderful to see the level of writing that was been produced from 12yrs to, let's just say, over 50's. It was a wonderful evening and those short-listed were well deserved.

In particular Honor, a heart-felt thankyou for one of your mothers signed book. It takes pride of place.

For more info' go to 

BONEZ is launched

Thanks to everyone at the Albury Library/Museum for launching BONEZ.
The kids all dressed-up and we had heaps of fun .. and cake!
Definitely a very special day for me.

Border Mail

There was Smurf's, wizards, witches, princess' and heaps more . 


News Weekly

Corryong Library National 'Year of Reading' Launch

Thankyou to Mayor Debi Gabb for the lovely introduction and comments.

It's wonderful to see such dedication and enthusiasm in our libraries. 

And it's great to see the early connection being made with schools and their students.

A lovely group of people with some of the best morning tea and yummiest cakes. 

Thankyou for inviting me along to help celebrate. 

Write Around The Murray ... Nano Story winners 2011

Wow! I loved having the opportunity to once again judge this event. What amazing imaginations are out there. There was everything from humour, sadness, serious & my favourite ... just plain weird. It was a pleasure to read every one of your stories. Keep on writing & happy reading. For those that would like to read some of the stories, head to the WATM site.                                           All the best Susan B
And the Winners ... Year 5 and 6 ...  Eliza Carey, Gotchya!                                    Year 3 and 4 ... Mattea Little, The Huge Storm
Highly Commended yr 5 & 6 were:            Laurence Adorni-Dickson, Oops I Wet The Bed  & Ephraim Zilberman, SurpriseHighly Commended yr 3 & 4 were:        Miriam Cereman, Friends & Alana Diver, The Eagle's Thoughts 

Albury / Lavington Libraries

Thanks Tracy & everyone else involved in arranging & helping with my visits during Book Week.
It was a lot of fun.
All the best .. Susan 

Write Around the Murray Short Story Competition Winner 2010

​Sept' 2010Alexandra Croft, winner of the Primary Section for her story - The River.A beautifully written story that engaged from from the very first paragraph. You can read Alexandras' full story on the WATM site.
Also highly commended were:Declan Good, for Thunder Court;Clare Pryor, for The Seven-Cornered Snowflake;Caitlyn Barton, for Olivia's Journey;Thomas McLennan, for The Rabbit Saves the Day;Mason Jones, for Mr Lump and the Lost Dog.
Every story was a joy and it was a privilege to read them.Thanks to every single entrant for a great job. 

Write Around the Murray Festival

Wow... what a pleasure it's been to be involved in such a terrific event.Meeting so many great kids and having the opportunity to encourage a love of reading was a terrific opportunity that I feel so privileged to have been a part of.I met so many wonderful people, including authors from very different genres and their knowledge has been invaluable.
   To all of the organisers and staff... thank-you. 

Border Mail sep' 2009

Border Mail feb' 2009

Above: Feb' 2009The offical release of Splinterz Ed:1Author Susan Berran with some of the kids atBethanga Primary School. 

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