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I love hearing what you reckon about any of my Books to help other kids ​that are looking for a funny, gross read. 

Or if you have some ​(not too) gross ideas & you'd like to see what I can ​do with them, send them my way and I'll see what I can do.

If you have a go at any of Sam's inventions in the Freaky series, send me a few pic's & ​​I'll add it to 'SAMS INVENTIONS MADE BY YOU' page or into a book.

​Click here to Email me with your Name, Age & Comment/Pic's and I'll get to it right away.

Happy Reading everyone  ..  Susan B

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to susan i love your stories they are hilarious especially the part in the book 'Chomped' when the family has to move because the dad swore too much. That made me laugh.

Thank you for coming to visit us today. I love your stories.

Love Ally

Edward M

The author of Splinterz has done an immense job of capturing the modern day behaviour of children. Because children do tend to hurt themselves and not tell anyone, plus theyb are creative with raw materials and they also have a tendency to get into trouble and take an exciting approach on everything and not wait for help.

Honestly, I find that when you pick-up this book, it's impossible to put it down.


hi susan,

its meg you came to my school the other day kialla west primary school.

i love your books they are awesome. dont tell anyone but in class i pretend im reading but im not and thats because i cn never find a good book.

i brought all of your books and i cant put them down. since you came to our school i have starded writting books of my own.

im really looking foward to seeing number 5 it sounds very funny. if your not to busy can you please keep me up to date on your books.

i would apreciate it if you sent me back an email.

your sincerly meg.

P.S i seriosly cant put your books down.

Joshua M

As soon as I got the book and was in the car I loved it, and was finished the first chapter and onto the second by the time I got home after the SEAL testing, I couldn't put it down so I was finised at 8:34pm that night (I know I'm a book nerd!!!) Sorry the comments so late i've been meaning to write to you ages ago. My favourite part was the ending, how you were leading us to a weird ending and then BANG, you tell us a whole different thing. Thank you for giving me the copy of your book, I really enjoyed it and I look forward to the next.

Mathew T

If U Read One Of Susan Berran's Books Most Chances are u are going to eventually going to read it again.....=D



Hi Susan,

its Chelsea, you came to our school (Kialla West P.S) afew days ago and everyone had a lot of FUN!

I find it hard to read a book unless it is quite interesting. Over the last few day I have been reading lick'd and it is very funny. Most the time I argue about reading when I have better things to do! but now that I started reading your books I have to argue about having to put it down.

I had a lot of fun when you visited and I really enjoy writing, when you came to our school you really inspired me to continue doing that!

Thanks for coming please wright back soon. from Chelsea

Ciele T

​Hi Susan, I’m Ciele, I was there when you went to St Joseph’s Trafalgar today, I love you and your books! I love Fluff Butt sooo much, she’s sooo cute! Best wishes for the future, CIELE xo

Odeal A

Hello Susan Berran,

I love your books they are really great I mostly like that in all of your books something real actually happened but you just make it even better.You also actually inspired me to be an author

callum s

Hi susan i liked all your books i finshed splinterz in 2 weeks. My favrt book is toe jamm'd but the twist is the end of splinterz was really good. p.s keep writing your books the same. from Callum


Hi Susan you came to my school Hume Anglican Grammar your books are awesome and i am also writing my first book i'm unto the 10th chapter.

Bye Odeal

​charlee f

hi Susan :)

My mum bought me all your books when you came to my school Bundarra primary. You were awesome with your stories about the great barrier reef on how you had to were suits that made you look like giant nemo's.

I love Chomp'd because of the bus bit vomit lap lady and rude thong guy it made me feel a bit sick myself from all the laughter. Thanks to you I am confident in expanding my story's and making them gross. Can't wait till morecomes out!!!

Kind regards

Amy R

I loooooooooove these books they are hilarious. There is nothing like these

I looove these books there is nothing like it .........ANYWHERE!! You rock Susan

Daniella N

At my school, my teacher has purchased a book of yours (lick'd) and read it aloud to my class and I. I have enjoyed every part of what we have read so far from the characters humorous accidents to the disgusting scenes caused fluff butt. When you came to our school I was expecting a boring author who would tell us about books but I was proven wrong. I was amazed by how you were able to understand what school is like for us and how reading wasn't big for you either. Even though you are older than us you made it seem like we were talking to another 12 year old. Long story short your books are great

Isobel M

Hey, your storys are cool just like you

seee yaaaaa.

from isobel


hi susan i would just like to say thanks for visting our school i loved how you make your storys so amazing and i love your humor and the way you write your books and i am sure that everyone at kialla west loved it to i know my brother didd thanks susan from georgia


"Cool" I love her books I could't find a book I like'd now omg thay are great got them yestday friday 9th up to the 2nd her book are great any one that could find a book thay like this is.GO SUSAN BERRAN!!!!!!


Hi Susan thanks for coming to our school at st Thomas more in Canberra. we all thought you were really funny and I am thinking about getting one of your books but I don't know which one! Which one is the funniest?

Katelyn I

Hi Susan remember you went to st Francis de sales in lynbrook I'm Katelyn I absolutely adore your books and your writing, your holiday was hilarious, thank you for coming to our school . I have read the blurb or introduction on chomp'd from the freaky series and you told us what it is based on your holiday so I recon its the best book. But you never know maybe bubblez or suck'd is. :) :) :)



Thanks for coming to St Patrick’s it was great fun

Zarif F S

You're Freaky Series are the Funniest and Grossest of all. You are the Queen. All hail the Queen

Joseph M

i really like lick`d its funny and kinda groos when they shot stuff and you are the best author i know hope you never stop making books and im staring to think that making book culd be what i do when im older hope you never leave that pencil of yours

bye joseph

Zoe P

Awesome!!! The most awesome book love them all so far but when the next one comes out I'll definitely love it

Ryan B

I love your books

Ally V

I love your books, seeing your books at school was amazing.they are

1000000000000000000000000 percent funny.

P.S I am reading 'Chomped' and it is very funny. It is making my whole entire family laugh!!!!!!

From Mia V


hi susan,

Your books are really good!We got lick'd.My sister Julia is reading it now!It looks really good!YOU ARE A REALLY GOOD AUTHOR!!!!



HI! i am Ruby, i was there when you went to Kaleen primary school! how many books have you wrote? you puppy is adorable! and i really like you technique for drawing


I'm reading chomp'd number 5, and I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE it. Don't stop writing and I cant wait for the next book you write ( if you write another book) PS: I steel remember when you came to my school st Francis of Assisi, I would really appreciate it if you put me in the next book, oh and I cant put your books down!!


i read splinterz 3 times. pleese write more books


I have read these books and they are sure awesome. Last year you visited my School Holy Family Catholic Primary I live

up in Canberra and you were totally funny, awesome, nice and you have much more qualities. I hope you are enjoying your four weekend break a drying kids ae to. Happy Easter and I would live to hear back from you soon. Cheers Lauren

Taylah L

I love her books I could't find a book I like'd now omg thay are great got them yestday friday 9th up to the 2nd her book are great any one that could find a book thay like this is.GO SUSAN BERRAN!!!!!!

Leizal H

Hi Susan you came to Kialla this year and I am in grade 5 I told you that my dad broke is nose that's me I want you to tell me how to write a great book again please thanks


hey susan

I just bought toe jammd its awesome so far when are you going to visit bundarra primaryschool Portland again it was so cool when you visited please come again from one of your biggest fans ashya and in my book you said hi ashya enjoy my toejam lol:)

Hudson F

We started reading "SPLINTERZ" today in class. We are up to chapter 3 and I can not wait until we start reading it tomorrow. The book are so funny, random and yuk it is fantastic. Thanks heaps for coming to St Peter's today it was great!!!!


Freaky series is?￰゚リツ?￰゚リツ oh they're so really the really really good I can't stop reading them

​There the best books I've ever seen

Jack J

So far the book is funny , cool.its the best book ever when agin book coming out & Pleas come to albury west public school from your biggest fan jack (Albury West)


Hi it is Erekah from Anglesea Primary School. I love your books they are reaily funny and my favourite book is Chomp'd. Thankyou for leaving us some books and coming and talking to us today. I can't wait until I get to read the other books!

Sim S

This is Sim from st francis de sales i really like your series

we hope you can visit us agian


you were awesome today


love the books

Edward T

Your books are wicked! But my favourite has to be Chomp'd! Drawing is my favourite thing to do and I'm very good at it. I also like making my own comics and books. Remember how you came to Kialla West primary school? That's my school!!!


OOMMGGGGG i love your books keep up the AWESOME work. P.S I am Jack as in from L.E.P.S . $-$ . . - ;0 ;( ;)


OMG you are soooooooooooooo good keep on going :) <-----from L.E.P.S :)<----- P.S keep doing the AWESOME :) <-----


Hi Susan,

You came to my school this week and you were great! Everyone at my school loves your books, they are so funny! I got lick'd and so far it is great! Please keep writing fantstic books, because they are great!

From Julia


Hello, you came to my school today and you were hilarious.Your stories are gross,but hilarious and your illustrations are really well done.You really taught me a lot and inspired me to write for other people's enjoyment.I was not a good writer before you came to my school.THANK YOU SO MUCH.Your the best.Bye.


pleez hurryup and write more because i luvd them

Aj H​

I LOVE!!! Your books and u had came to my school just TODAY! At St.Lawrence and your books are FUNNY!



my mum bought me the whole series last christmas.

i like how you word your books and i think they are this funny:1000000000000000000000000000 times funnier than hearing an elephant farting because of the words like CRAP or LOADED-NAPPIES. BI.



I love my fluff butt ball. I am from St Thomas Mores. Hope you remember visiting us. Thank you for visiting us as well I enjoyed it heaps.

Caterina G

I would really like to ask you a really good question:

How do you publish books to make them into an actual book?

i fou can please reply or email me back I would love to make a book with your advice.

Thanks, Caterina



I realy like splinter'z and your website. I think it is funny when sam for gets it's apull door


hey Susan

I'm Adea from soilders settlement matraville!

Your books are awesome and gross also thank you so much for coming I really appreciated it?￰゚ムフ?￰゚ムフ?


Hi Susan, I really like splinterz. Are you going to make more books.

I've all ready got my idea for my story tomorrow.

Your books are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome thanks sam


Hey it was really fun today and I wrote a 4 page long story.


hi i think your ideas are great and intresting, i love splinterz it was genuis.Now have you had a good day and thanks for commenting on my writing and thanks for signing my certificate thanks again please tell mel [smelly belly jelly melly] and spitzy [fluff butt] that i said bye thanks again bye bye from ashlee!


Hi Susan its Alessia from Lavington East Public School.

I'm writing my own book called 'Sara Scores' I think it will be awesome like yours

Nathan M

I loved your book "SPLINTERZ" because it has so much chapters leaving you right on the edge and made you read on and on. I especially liked the twist at the end. And thank-you for coming to Thurgoona Public School!!


I think that all the books are awesome


hi it`s charlotte from Anglesea Primary School I love your books they are really funny. my favourite book is chomp`d, by the way thankyou for coming to our school senior J and senior S

Kyra W

HI susan OMG totally love your books

Maddison R

I really like this Website and the books as well I can't wait till we read it tommorow

i really like your books and enjoyed it when you came to my school because i love how you tell us about your days in real life and then make it sound silly and funny.

I also think that people like your books because they are funny yuck and everyone loves them. Thank you for coming to St. Peters

Bye for now


I like my bum bald, like Fluff Butt.

Does Spitsy play with those balls on strings?

When will you include elephant; vomit and intestines?

And where is Sams long lost brother?

Will all these and more will be answered in the next book?

Find out in the next book..


Loving toe jamm'd.

Hugh E


I'm from St. Columba's. It was great when you came to my school. I love your books because they're really funny and disgusting. You have a great talent in writing. I was wondering in your undies series will it be based on a real life but blown up or just something you made up?

Please answer.

Thanks Hugh.


Thank you for coming to St. Augustine's Primary School. I loved how you told us all about you. Emily age 9 :) :)


have read three books in one month(book nerd) i found that they hooked you in straight away also when is bubbelz coming out and what is the other books?

im writing two stories at the moment and need ideas if you have any please reply


hi it`s Charlotte from Anglesea Primary school i enjoyed you coming to our school i really like the books and espicially the YoYo my favourite book was chomp`d

Maddison R

Susan when will you come back to St.Peters I really enjoyed you telling us bits about your life.

Bye Maddison




Hi Susan

I love your work and was wondering if you could hold a workshop at the Wodonga Library

That would be wonderful

Thxs Maddy

April H

Hello Susan

This is April from Hume Anglican Grammar, you visited us today I really want one of your books, i'm sure the whole school does too! there a bit gross but at the same time really cool I cant wait till the next comes out. 

Ok bye!

Elena L

hi susan berran it is Elena lewis from Anglesea primary school i loved your visit to our school and i think everyone loved it too!


Thanks for coming to my school today. I really loved meeting you. I have had lots of ideas for stories after meeting you, and this is one that I wanted to share with you....

"One night, Sam's baby sister was playing with some acorns on a chair but she had to go away to vomit in a bucket, taking the acorns with her. After some disgusting noises there was a shout from Mum, "The acorns have been dropped in the vomit!". Sam had listened to the first part, but did not hear the second (which was the most important part) and this is what it was; "I'm just going to put the acorns that have been dropped in vomit on your chair, I just need to serve dinner and then I'll pick them up". Mum had served dinner and Sam saw the delicious dinner sitting on the table. He sat down in the seat, but jumped up shouting "ooh, ow, ooh!". He looked what he had sat on, it was the acorns, that had been dropped in vomit!!

Thanks again for coming to our Montessori school. I loved it.

Sarah W

Hi I love all your books hope you can write a new series

Phu H

Hi Susan, remember the time you went to my school, Trinity Catholic School, if you don't remember my school its okay, well I wanted to see if any new books are coming up? I still remember the skill you taught me, when writing a story, remember to blow it up! Please let me know if your doing more books, thanks for spending time reading this reply!

From you Fan, Phu H


I love your book chopped its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny :)



I love your books! AWESOME.


Her books are so cool I got to meEt her today I was so :) I could not get my eye of what she was say I really love her books and I have all of them and fluff butt Is real I did not know that she has the BEST story's to tell kids I would say SO much more but yea I LOVE UR BOOKS


Susan Berran is awesome I love her she came to my school the other day because it was book fair week and she told us great stories as at how she became an author love her she is great


I love. Her books today on the 21st she came in to my school she has the BEST story's and fluff butt is real and I did not know that till today


Hi Susan,

Its Karla from St Francis de Sales your books are really funny and my class is reading splinters at the moment and it is hilarious hope to keep talking to you

​Amy C

Hey Susan,

I wrote that funny Alien Poop story in the school library on Wednesday. Albury North Public School is the school I got to. I love your books, I especially think Splinterz is a funny book. When you read it in the morning to the 5/6s, I thought the funniest part was when he realised that the door was a pull door not a push door. My friend Sam and I cracked up at that.

Thanks, Amy


Hi Susan I'm soon getting all of your books and I bet there all gonna be wonderful! I'm gonna enjoy every bit of it! i hope you keep writing!

your books are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny .I cant stop laughing

Kelsea l

what a great auther and illestratter and if there are any teachers reading this comment ask susan berran to go to your school!


Awesome awesome awesome that's for the lease domorequicj from glen


Hi Susan its Jamie from soldiers settlement school. Thankyou for coming to our school so much. Your books are so funny and amazing.


Zoe P

Hi Susan your stories you told Oakdale I loved when you told us the story when you were in the army. When you fell of the hill and twisted your spine did it heart really badly hurt ​You are an awsome author I hope I can write like you someday I like writing from someone point of view like diary entries


Hi Susan, I have some ideas for some book titles. Why don't you call one Trap'd or Corn'ed or something

Mazey J

We have had so much fun with you this week.


hi susan love ur books


Hi Susan its me from wensday I really love your books

Taylah L

I love her books I could't find a book I like'd now omg thay are great got them yestday friday 9th up to the 2nd her book are great any one that could find a book thay like this is.GO SUSAN BERRAN!!!!!!


I loved your book "Chomp'd" it was really funny especially the sabre tooth bear, the grizzly tiger and the lock ness lion!

I hope you keep writing books and I can't wait to read "Suck'd"


I love your books! I really like Fluffbutt too:)

Caterina G

Hi Susan,

I absolutely love your books they are so gross but funny the first one that I read was Splinterz it was hilarious and now I really really really can't wait to read the rest fo the series.

From Caterina

Kiera S

I realy want to be in a book and you visted palmerston primery thats my school. love your books


Hi Susan

Your a really great author I love your books there interesting and funny. Right now i'm reading Splinterz can't wait to read the next one. ( thanks for signing my copy.



Hi Susan, is Billy going to be in every book or just one or two.please be in every book he can be the awesome kid,yar. Call me -BILLY Awesome


I think that all the books are awesome


Thank you for coming to St. Augustine's Primary School. I loved how you told us all about you. Emily age 9?￰゚リテ?￰゚リタ

Craig H

im craig hunt and i sore you at school today i wold love to be in oun of yure books ;)??.


Hi Susan so far I'm up to chapter three of suck'd loving it ssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo much can't wait for the next book to come out

​Dave M​

Very proud of you sis ! Awesome book, can't wait for the series, your the best. All the best to family, your bro dave

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