A  little  bit  about tHe REAL  'Fluff  Butt'

It's the first question I'm always asked after reading to kids from SPLINTERZ ... is "Fluff-Butt real?"

Yep! Fluff-Butt, aka 'SPITZY' is my daughters dog.  She's a beautiful Japanese Spitz.

And one time she really did have to have her butt shaved ... but the vet did it, not me. 

It really did look like a dartboard - round, bald, with a big red bullseye in the middle! 

Our little 'hairy snowball' ...

​How cute is she ...

​Spitzy & her big brother Armedeus. 

Has she ever been stuck in a toilet pipe ... ​naaaaaahhh! 

​"Hmm, let's see .. what's in the news today?" 

​Just going for a run. 

​"Man I look gooood in a tutu!" 

"I'm in a book .. cool." 

​  And now I'm the star of my very own book series .. Yey!! 

"And I've been in a TV add for a pet-shop." 

'Million-Paws-Walk' .. one of her annual events. 

​What are you looking at? 

"This is soooo embarrassing! 

Fluff Butt's baby brother 'Freddo' when he first came home.

'Freddo' is a 'White Lipped Tree Frog.

​We look the same don't we?" 

Freddo is just the coolest little friend ..

Freddo loves a pat and just hangin' out.

She changes colour from brown to spots to green, depending on what mood she's in. 

   Ally loves just hanging around like this. It's her favorite spot. 

Fluff Butt gets a bit jealous that her new sister, Ally gets to play x-box and she don't?" 

Ally loves to help me write. 

Echo was so tiny and thin when we got him ...

.. and always looking for a quick snack.

​Standing next to dinosaurs makes Echo feel bigger. 

​'Echo' the Knob Tailed Gecko .. is about 8cm long.

​Spitzy's big little brother .. or is it little big brother? 

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