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Windy World Tour

The Fluff Butt series for early readers (4 – 7 years) are lovely little books that follow the adventures of Fluff Butt the farting dog.

Fun and just a little gross, Fluff Butt’s escapades are sure to make young readers smile and grimace along the way.

The second book in this cheeky, fun new series for early readers by the bestselling author of the ‘’Freaky’’ series – Susan BerranThe Fluff Butt series for early readers.

In Fluff Butt’s latest adventure he is off to see the world, creating his unique style of chaos along the way.Fluff Butt’s off on a trip around the world. However, with a butt that just keeps exploding, no-one wants to sit too close to his smelly bottom.

A fun adventure that has Fluff Butt travelling the globe by any means possible. But will he ever get home again? 

ISBN: 9781925275810                  RRP $8.99 


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Fluff Butt uses a rather unusual method to get around the world. Told with Susan Berran’s awesome childlike rhythmic chant, using some not quite rhyming words, this story is gross yet captivating.

Large text, colourful graphics, fast paced storyline, an awesome repetitive refrain and this hilarious punchline: ‘Fluff Butt farted!’ … kids will love it!

Reviewed by Sharon Smith

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