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Freaky series 1:    Toe Jamm'D

Up for another hilariously gross adventure? Then read on...

Sam and his best mate, Jared, are off on another Freaky adventure. Sam's been hard at work all summer trying to build up the world's largest, smelliest, grossest ball of toe jam from all of the cow poop, slug slime and sweat that's living between his toes. But when he uses Smelly Melly's toothbrush to try and dig out the huge dob of mouldy, smelly muck, well, let's just say... it's not too happy about the move.

Toe jam,... yum...            

Damn, I can’t reach it!

Don’t you just hate that? You're sitting on the edge of your bed in just your undies, and all you want to do is use your finger to dig between your toes and drag out the fluff, and sweat, and dirt all chunked together like a huge dob of mouldy, smelly mud.

Be careful though; remove it from its home, it might not be to happy about the move...                  

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My mother brought a couple of books to me 'Splinterz' and 'Toe Jammd' that had been signed by the author Susan Berran, for my children, she knew how much I enjoyed reading and assumed my kids did too. I thanked her but informed her that my son in particular was not in the slightest bit interested in reading and even doing the reader books given to us by the school was a difficult and unrewarding task; the books sat on bedside tables for a few weeks. One day my 7yo son decided to pick up Splinterz and have a look at it. I heard chuckling from the bedroom and my son wandered out book in hand saying "Mum, listen to this" and reading me an excerpt he found particularly funny. In one hour my son had read 34 pages of Splinterz with more fluency, meaning and interest than he has shown in any school reader. 

In one hour Susan Berran has changed my son's whole outlook on reading - he loves it now! I can't thank her enough for writing witty and engaging stories that all children would enjoy reading. 

I'm sure a lot of my son's enthusiasm comes from all the 'risque' words like poop and bull crap! He kept on chuckling and telling us how funny it was when Sam suggested they throw a battery in after the bulb and when it caught up,the bulb would glow and they could watch where it went. 

He loves the fact that there is more than one story going on in the book, something that seems to be lacking in many school readers aimed at 7 year olds.

I adore reading, and was resigning myself to the fact that my son would never get the same joy from reading I do, until we found Splinterz. Thank you very much.

​Tonya Gladstone

Hi there

Just thought of something else I thought I must share with you. Charlie now comes home and says "I'm going to read" he no longer wants to play the Xbox or computer games or Wii he just wants to read Splinterz. He'll be finished the book by the end of this week so Susan better write like crazy so she can publish more books for my son to read.

Kind Regard, Tonya Gladstone 

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