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Freaky series 1:    SplinterZ

... I needed to stop the bleeding, it wasn’t much, but enough that something might be able to smell it, and that was the last thing I wanted.           

“Actually, that was the second last thing I wanted - the last thing I wanted was to mess my pants, and when I saw that blood,… well lets just say, it was close.”          

It was magnificent, as I shone my torch down the tunnels entrance I suddenly realized how completely alone I really was. Maybe I should’ve waited for Jared after all.

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This particular ebook is fantastic for all kinds of reasons. Looking over this ebook forced me to be interested in some other textbooks Splinterz by the author Susan Berran. The one thing My partner and i liked many about the ebook will be the total time I used to be studying it I ended up being quite eager to find out what goes wrong with every one of the characters, I do believe the writer did very well for making the particular figures credible and likable, I do believe persona development is the most important part of just about any ebook, video, and so on. I became very suprised when I learned that along with this being Susan Berran initial teen book it a resource regarding true situations as part of his adolescent life. This simply helped me appreciate the novel more. 

My mother brought a couple of books to me 'Splinterz' and 'Toe Jammd' that had been signed by the author Susan Berran, for my children, she knew how much I enjoyed reading and assumed my kids did too. I thanked her but informed her that my son in particular was not in the slightest bit interested in reading and even doing the reader books given to us by the school was a difficult and unrewarding task; the books sat on bedside tables for a few weeks. One day my 7yo son decided to pick up Splinterz and have a look at it. I heard chuckling from the bedroom and my son wandered out book in hand saying "Mum, listen to this" and reading me an excerpt he found particularly funny. In one hour my son had read 34 pages of Splinterz with more fluency, meaning and interest than he has shown in any school reader. 

In one hour Susan Berran has changed my son's whole outlook on reading - he loves it now! I can't thank her enough for writing witty and engaging stories that all children would enjoy reading. 

I'm sure a lot of my son's enthusiasm comes from all the 'risque' words like poop and bull crap! He kept on chuckling and telling us how funny it was when Sam suggested they throw a battery in after the bulb and when it caught up,the bulb would glow and they could watch where it went. 

He loves the fact that there is more than one story going on in the book, something that seems to be lacking in many school readers aimed at 7 year olds.

I adore reading, and was resigning myself to the fact that my son would never get the same joy from reading I do, until we found Splinterz. Thank you very much.

​Tonya Gladstone

Hi there

Just thought of something else I thought I must share with you. Charlie now comes home and says "I'm going to read" he no longer wants to play the Xbox or computer games or Wii he just wants to read Splinterz. He'll be finished the book by the end of this week so Susan better write like crazy so she can publish more books for my son to read.

Kind Regard, Tonya Gladstone 

I had a student in my class who I was having a lot of trouble engaging in his learning. When he approached me asking if I could read a book called Splinterz to the class, I quickly agreed, hoping that reading the book would help make him excited about learning and reading. It worked. He would sit on the floor laughing at the adventures Sam and Jared got up to. 

This year I decided to read Splinterz again to my new class of Year 5 students. They were enthralled and completely taken by surprise by the twist at the ending. They loved Splinterz so much that they begged me to read Toe Jamm’d too. Off I went to the book store that night to purchase a copy. I started reading it to them the next day. Every single student in my class loved Toe Jamm’d, especially the gross humour! One student in particular would become so excited as I started reading he would start bouncing around on the floor in anticipation of the next funny AND disgusting situation the characters would find themselves in. 

Rebecca Perston - Teacher Gr 5 .. Wodonga Primary 

"These are absolutely fantastic! Well constructed and so amazingly humorous, I'm still chuckling over many of the situations the boys found themselves in. And the domino effect of destruction was just brilliant!

Susan has a great and unique style which I can see kids would love."

Author / Teacher .. 'A pig called Pete series 

"SPLINTERZ by Susan Berran is a story that a young reader will read and reread to rediscover Sam's adventures. Brilliantly twisted, the reader is left 'gob-smacked' with disbelief !"

Peter Klein

Author / Teacher .. 'Mudpoo series 

The author of Splinterz has done an immense job of capturing the modern day behaviour of children. Because children do tend to hurt themselves and not tell anyone, plus theyb are creative with raw materials and they also have a tendency to get into trouble and take an exciting approach on everything and not wait for help.

Honestly, I find that when you pick-up this book, it's impossible to put it down.  Edward Mahady

I absolutely love your books they are so gross but funny the first one that I read was Splinterz it was hilarious and now I really really really can't wait to read the rest fo the series.

From Caterina Gullone 

As soon as I got the book and was in the car I loved it, and was finished the first chapter and onto the second by the time I got home after the SEAL testing, I couldn't put it down so I was finised at 8:34pm that night (I know I'm a book nerd!!!) Sorry the comments so late i've been meaning to write to you ages ago. My favourite part was the ending, how you were leading us to a weird ending and then BANG, you tell us a whole different thing. Thank you for giving me the copy of your book, I really enjoyed it and I look forward to the next. Joshua Montgomery 

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