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Freaky series 1:    Chomp'D

Book number 5 in the hilariously disgusting Freaky series. Kids are hanging out for each title in this very clever, hilariously funny series. It's grosser, weirder, funnier, and even smellier than the books that came before it. 

Take another brilliantly twisted adventure with Sam, Jared & little Miss 'dung daks' smelly Melly poop pants as they head off on holidays .. to the most dangerous place on the planet. 

But is it really a holiday .. or a final resting place to get rid of annoying kids? 

With poisonous puke plants, ferocious farting animals, tree swinging hippies & Smelly Melly’s deadliest fungus growing, chunky chuck-up nappies yet!  

This time, adventure is snapping at their heels .. & they just might not be able to keep their stomach contents down.

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CBCA Review

In this latest book in the popular series, Sam has found himself with his parents and baby sister Mel stuck in the boring country town of Agnath, ‘the butt-crack of the universe’, where the smell of cow-dung pervades the atmosphere, and his school companions are grass-chewing dull-heads, except for his mate Jared who is also a city-bred boy.  The two find amusement in ingenious adventures, surfing in a muddy dam with the help of goats, and devising a powerful sling-shot using a broken-down tractor to get rid of Sam’s little sister’s smelly nappies and other rubbish, both of which escapades end disastrously.

But things look up when Sam’s mother takes him, Mel and Jared on a holiday to Cairns.  The chance to swim is ruined with crocodiles in the surf, but there is a scary adventure for the boys when they explore a large sewer pipe.  A hair-raising tree-surfing expedition in the Daintree Forest and a visit to a safari park with some frightening encounters, leaves them both certain that Cairns was a dangerous place for a holiday.

There can be no doubt that this new ‘Freaky’ book would appeal to less enthusiastic readers, as is indicated by the success of previous books.  The hilarious adventures with Sam’s own highly emotively rapid narrative style, the child-centred expressions, the constant references to things smelly and gooey, bordering on the scatological, and the presentation of the text in a variety of typefaces, all go to make Chomp’d a great read for ages 8 to 11, particularly for those for whom reading is a chore. 


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​This particular ebook is wonderful for all kinds of motives. Scanning this book forced me to be enthusiastic about other books Chomp'd: Freaky Series Book 5 from the writer Susan Berran. The one thing I enjoyed most regarding the ebook may be the total occasion I used to be studying that it i was really desperate to find what goes wrong with each of the characters. I believe personality development is the most important element of virtually any book, motion picture, and so forth. I became extremely surprised while i found out that besides this being Susan Berran 1st young adult book but it also a bio associated with true events in his adolescent existence. This simply taught me to be appreciate the novel a lot more.  


I love your books, seeing your books at school was amazing.they are

1000000000000000000000000 percent funny. 

P.S I am reading 'Chomped' and it is very funny. It is making my whole entire family laugh!!!!!!

From Mia Venusti 

I'm reading chomp'd number 5, and I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE it. Don't stop writing and I cant wait for the next book you write ( if you write another book) PS: I steel remember when you came to my school st Francis of Assisi, I would really appreciate it if you put me in the next book, oh and I cant put your books down!!  Erin 

hi it`s charlotte from Anglesea Primary School I love your books they are really funny. my favourite book is chomp`d, by the way thankyou for coming to our school senior J and senior S 

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