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YDGISS 4:  Brain Blast

Ready for some more totally disgusting, gut-wrenching stories, but this is the last time I'm going to warn you - it gets reeeally gross in there. 

In the latest instalment of this wonderfully hilarious, albeit gross series of short stories, best selling author Susan Berran has Sam and Jared finally using using their brain just not quite as they should be.

Once again posing some of the questions that plague her readers like - 'Just how many ping-pong balls can you shove up your nose' and 'How many spins on a chair can you do before becoming a human spew-sprinkler? It's gross, weird and has kids gagging and laughing for more.

And in her latest trade mark 'Twisted Tale', kids will be led through an adventure of epic proportions. A tale of one families struggle to survive through incredible storms and hardships, losing their father along the way … but is it really the family you imagine and you'll never guess where they live.

Be prepared to leap into some of Sam and Jared's best adventures yet.

You'll be left gagging and laughing for more.

Just when you thought the contents of your stomach were safe … out comes Book 4 in the Yucky Disgustingly Gross Icky Short Stories series – Brain Blast. In this hilarious series of short stories, Sam and Jared finally attempt to use their brains ... just not in the way they should!   They take on the big questions like:  Can you pick your nose with your toes? Why shouldn't you try and spin 360 times on a chair in under two minutes? Why is toe-jam named after a sugary spread? Get ready kids, this hilarious book is full of the most yucky, gross and totally, disgusting twisted tales ever!  You'll be left gagging and laughing for more. 


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