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YDGISS 1:  Booga Blast

So you want to know why boogas are reeeally green? And can you put all of that awesomely gross sweat, slime and garbage that you’ve saved-up between your toes for six months, you know ‘toe jam’, on toast for breakfast? Well how would I know?! Geez, do I look like some sort of humongous computer square-head with ‘GOOGLE’ written across my face!? But I can tell you why I reckon snot is green and other totally useless and crappy information like that. And take another totally twisted and disgusting adventure of the gross kind to discover the weird secret of ‘the Birthday Barf’! Yep, so if you want the real info’ don’t bother asking me … I wouldn’t have a clue!                             

RRP $ 14.99 


Creative Kids Tales .. Feb' .. 2016

​The title says it all.

The cover, a tsunami of snot escaping a small boy’s nose says more.

The disclaimer if you have a weak stomach get a bucket starts to scare me.

The book is broken into five easy to digest short stories. They slide down as easily as ‘a little snot snack.’ The big bold black and white illustrations are a perfect companion.

The treatise Why are Boogas Green? is fascinating stuff. I have sons and nephews. Booga is currency. And it’s all the stuff they talk about.

All the tales are spewalicious and I know that boys who are not into reading will love this (and boys who love to read too). They may even put down their play stations for a moment, it is certainly sickeningly engaging and this is a good thing.

I got lost momentarily when Mum’s family dinner outing ended in the family eating the remains of a washed up whale. I baulked for a second. Too far I thought. Then I worked out it was a family of flies, eeeewhhh and relief.

The disclaimer must have really scared me.

I think for the kids not interested in reading because ‘it’s boring,’ this is something to wet the appetite. It’s not my cup of tea but it has the allure of a fart machine for boys between six and ten.

Reviewed by Debra Tidball     CKT Book Reviewer

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