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Freaky series 1:    BoneZ

For ages Sam & Jared had just thought of Agnath as the slimey green booga of the country, the butt-crack of the world … until they found out about the 'Lost Treasure.'

But for Sam & Jared to find it first they will have to do the unthinkable … suck-up to Toffee Thomas & face unspeakable horrors … Booga Boris streaking, a giant pink grubby bunny with really bad yellowing ‘BO’ stains under his furry armpits & much more.

So swallow your ‘Chocolate Dipped Goats Brain on a Stick’ & Cow Kidney Ice Cream’ & get ready for another gut-chucking, dung-sliding adventure.                              RRP $17.99 


Short Listed for ... Speech Pathology Book of the Year Award 2014 

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