* Illustrated / Layout - Susan Berran *

* Author - Alan Bowater *


* Signed by Susan & Alan *

Beware The Agapanthus

Up for another funny, gross & all round weird adventure? 

Yep, just when Sam didn't think things could get any worse in this crappy little town, his best mate, Jared becomes sooo sick that he has to stay at home from school for the entire week. Leaving Sam all on his own to face the suckiest week of his whole sucktacular life. 

With Toffee tugging at his nauseating nostril taffy, Abbey being crabby, Booga’s gigantic butt bugle & the rest of the cow cuddling, sheep kissing kids. 

It might be Jared that’s sick but by the end of this week it’s Sam who’s going to need the barf bucket.

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