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YDGISS 2:  Barf Blast

Told from the point of view of a ten old, Pt 2: 'Barf Blast' is a wonderful compilation of short stories that brings to life those oh so gross topics that kids love to discuss. Vomit, snot and puss are all brought to life with vivid detail. 

Encouraging children to question certain expressions ie; “Did you chuck-up?” No. I chucked down, I chucked sideways and angles and every which way in between, but I most certainly did not chuck-up!

Or “Your nose is running” Is it?! Where, where is my nose running too?

Each part also contains one totally twisted, gross adventure. These 'twisted tales' lead the reader to believe in the adventure unfolding before them, but purposely omitting minor, but key details. Subtle hints are also planted throughout the story as it builds towards the finale where suddenly the truth is revealed and the reader is left wondering how he was led so far astray.

In Barf Blast children will discover the secret of 'the streaker'! Is this a child about to break a worlds record on stage in front of the entire town audience or something far worse?

And of course the adventure story of Sir Reginald Bernard Pussbucket XVIII. One of many many many generations of pimples to live on the 'Great Ranga', an Orangutan living at the city zoo. Following in the 'footsteps' of others such as; Captain Pimplnel, Joan of Acne, Leonardo Da-Zitzi, and Christopher Colonpuss.

This isn’t just a book for 7 to 12yrs, but a book for 7 to 112yrs. These are the 'bad dad' stories you heard as a child, will repeat to your children and they will pass-on to theirs. Each short story packed equally with laughs, grossness and intrigue to keep kids not only reading, but re-reading.

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