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Many teachers now recommending Susan's books to the parents of those 'reluctant reader' children.  And not surprisingly many parents .. & grandparents are enjoying the laughter as they reminisce over the kids adventures.

These series help the reader to discover that their imagination can far outweigh even the best 'video games'.


Susan is currently busy visiting Primary schools to help encourage & ignite a passion for reading & writing.


​The KIDS SURVIVAL GUIDE Books, published by BIG SKY Publishing Newport, will have kids & parents laughing out loud with this must have kids guide to getting away with all of those boring lectures that explode your brain. You get home from school and before your bag even hits the floor … “Have you got any homework? You’re not playing your X‐box until ALL your homework’s done!” A wonderfully hilarious book that will have you looking back at all of those lectures within your child's & your own childhood.  Ages 7 to 107.


The FLUFF BUTT Books, are set to start the laughs even earlier. Helping children to continue reading throughout primary school and beyond. Ages 2 to 7.  Take a journey with this wonderful little puppy, Fluff Butt from his own back yard to around the world. 

Join his funny & sometimes very smelly adventures. A fun & engaging series that small children are sure to love.


The YUCKY DISGUSTINGLY GROSS ICKY SHORT STORIES Books, published by BIG SKY Publishing Newport each book with 5 or 6 short stories built for fast laughs to kick-start even the toughest non-readers. Ages 7 to 107.

Gross, absolutely hilarious and will leave kids grimacing for more. There's definitely more than enough snot & vomit in these ones.


​The FREAKY Series, are a wonderful mixture of hilariously gross content & freaky adventure. Ages 7 to 107.  The series has proven itself very popular, in particular with those children that are 'reluctant readers'.  Whilst this is a series, they do not necessarily have to be read in order. Each book also 'stands alone'.

One of the Publishers best selling authors the 'Freaky' series has proven very successful for the author & readers alike.


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